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Tickle (Studuino for iOS)

Tickle is a piece of programming software that runs on iOS devices. Its Studuino compatibility means you can use Tickle to program Studuino right in iOS.
In order to program Studuino on your iOS device, you’ll need to purchase a "Bluetooth Module 4.0(BLE)"(product 151094). This Bluetooth Modules can be purchased either online or in select stores.



You’ll need to register online in order to use the software.

Tickle for Studuino

You can also download Tickle for Studuino if your device doesn’t have an active Internet connection.
★ This version will only work with Studuino.

★Tickle is a piece of software developed and distributed by Tickle Labs, Inc. Tickle Labs, Inc. reserves all rights to the software. Artec Co., Ltd. Bears no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred by using Tickle.
★ The Manuals and Guides provided here are intended for using Tickle with your Studuino and do not contain information about Tickle's full functionality. Watch the tutorial videos inside of the Tickle application to learn more about using Tickle.