2017/12/7 [Ver.]
[Icon Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug which caused a build error when using an IR Receiver.
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug which caused IR Receiver values to be unreadable when the power of a DC Motor on M1 was set to 0.
2017/11/30 [Ver.]
[Startup Screen]
  • Changes made to the French version of Samples and Manuals.
  • Added Characters and Experiments builds to the English version of the Programming Environment.
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added English version of the Characters and Experiments builds.
  • Fixed the following issues in the Robots build:
    • After transferring, Servomotor calibration values wouldn’t be applied until the program specified an initial angle.
  • Fixed the following issues in the Characters build:
    • Japanese display of Costume names.
    • List output of list blocks.
    • Test Mode Temperature Sensor display.
    • Failure to open saved files by double-clicking.
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed issue causing Buzzer icon to fail to play.
2017/11/28 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed issue which caused IR Receivers to fail to receive values when DC Motor M2 is rotating.
    (Due to specifications, an IR Receiver can’t receive values when DC Motor M1 is rotating at maximum speed.)
Versions and earlier can’t be updated. Uninstall the software before installing a newer version.
  • You can now use Studuino with Tickle, a visual programming environment for iOS devices.
    Visit this page for more details.
2017/10/31 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added Characters build, allowing users to link their Studuino with games.
  • Added Experiments build, allowing users to learn about electrical control.
  • Added Temperature Sensor blocks.
  • Added block which allows users to save list values to a file.
See Manuals for more details.
2017/7/5 [Ver.]
[Icon Programming Environment]
  • Fixed error which would hide the Menu when trying to scroll in a main window partially outside of the desktop.
  • Fixed bug which caused the Sensor Viewer to not be displayed when trying to open it with a sensor at maximum value.
  • Translated warning message when deleting a repeat.
2017/5/25 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added option allowing users to save Motor Calibration settings to their PC or in a separate file.
  • Added link to the Studuino FAQ to the Help menu.
[Block Programming Environment] [Win Ver.]
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • Clicking on a Buzzer block to show the keyboard would the scrollbar move back to the top instead of showing the keyboard.
    • The drop down menu in the Save dialog box would close when trying to select an item outside of the visible range of the menu.
    • Any 0 typed before a decimal point using the numeric keypad would disappear (for example, "0.123" becoming ".123").
[Block Programming Environment] [Mac]
  • Added support for Korean and Traditional Chinese.
2017/3/28 [Ver.]
[All Versions]
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese.
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added support for Windows Tablets. Added the following improvements for touch control:
    • There is now an option for three font sizes.
    • The keyboard used to choose notes for the Buzzer block is now bigger.
    • Arrows on the Servomotor block are now bigger and sit side-by-side.
    • A special number pad has been added for inputting numerical values.
    • The software keyboard will now appear automatically when in Tablet Mode.
      ★ Only on Windows 10 systems.
    • Dialog boxes are now wider and shown on top of other windows.
  • Other
    • Fixed issue which caused the Servomotors to fail to initialize when starting Motor Calibration.
[Studuino for Mac File Types]
  • The .zip files used for the Mac version of the Studuino software will now be delivered as disk images.
    Once downloaded, open the disk image file and copy the contents to your Application folder.
2017/2/10 [Ver.]
[Installation and Update Errors]
  • .NET Framework 4.5 will now be installed automatically when installing or updating the software.
  • If you’re using version on Windows Vista or 7 and receive an error when attempting to update,
    uninstall the software before downloading and installing a new version.
  • If you’re on Windows XP, go to this page to download the software. Be aware that later versions of the software do not support Windows XP.
2017/1/31 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed issue in which setting the maximum speed for DC Motor M2 would set the speed of DC Motor M1.
2017/1/25 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug which caused the software to become stuck in Motor Calibration mode when unplugging a rotating DC Motor.
  • Fixed a bug which set DC Motor M1 to 0 after using a Buzzer.
  • Test Mode will now convert random block values to integers (cutting off decimals), the same process used when transferring a program.
2016/11/8 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Removed "Board" option. Users with a Studuino mini should now use the Studuino mini Programming Environment.
  • Fixed issue when opening files with names containing blank spaces.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the environment to freeze when running Single Stepping mode (click on a block or a green flag and they will be highlighted by a white border) for programs which contain sensor value blocks.
2016/10/5 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added a "Settings" menu with a "Board" option allowing you to select the Studuino mini.
  • Expanded the active mouse area for block connector and rotation combo boxes from the triangle to the entire rectangle.
  • Added an error message for functions with multiple definitions.
  • Fixed bug which allowed blocks to be dropped into the function name area of the "call () function" block.
[Icon Programming Environment]
  • Reduced Transfer time by skipping post-Transfer data validation.
[Block Programming Environment][Raspberry Pi]
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Rasbian Jessie.
2016/8/30 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed a bug which caused the software to freeze when saving files in Japanese on computers which have been updated from Windows 7/8.1 to 10.
  • Fixed a bug which caused errors with "Buzzer on frequency" blocks when was inserted into a "round" block.
  • Fixed Not Responding errors by adding a timeout when communicating with the BoardManager background process.
2016/7/21 [Ver.]
  • Dual instances of the software are no longer supported.
  • Fixed bug on certain computers which caused freezes when opening the Startup Screen after closing the Block Programming Environment.
2016/7/1 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Gyroscope values from 0-100 are now recognized in increments of 0.1. ★Test Mode will still show whole numbers.
2016/6/9 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Test Mode will now close when Studuino is reset or the USB cable is unplugged.
  • Fixed a timing issue in Single Stepping mode (click on a block or a green flag and they will be highlighted by a white border) in which a "Serial board is currently in use by another application" error message may appear when trying to open Test mode or Transfer a program which contains sensor value blocks.
2016/4/11 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug in certain environments which caused software to freeze during Transfer.
  • Fixed bug in certain environments which caused software to freeze if cable was unplugged during Test mode.
  • Fixed English display error for IR Photoreflector.
2016/3/15 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug which caused software to freeze during Transfer.
2016/1/19 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug in which programs could not be transferred with non-Japanese languages.
2016/1/19 [Ver.]
Version 2.x English released.
2015/12/22 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug in some environments in which the computer would not detect Studuino during Test mode and Transfer.
2015/12/11 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Reduced time when shifting to Test mode by skipping rewrite of Test mode program if the program is already present on the board.
  • COM Port (Studuino) search for Test mode and Transfer will now only be performed when necessary.
  • Reduced Transfer time by skipping post-Transfer data validation.
  • Port Settings and Motor Calibration screens are now always-on-top.
2015/9/7 [Ver.]
This version now has full Korean language support for Samples, Manuals, and other parts of the Studuino Programming Environment.
[Icon Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug where Repeat tooltips wouldn't update when inserted or removed.
2015/8/24 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug causing a pink box to display during transfer. This bug was due to error display handing for errors occuring when writing a program to Studuino (such as switching to Test mode or transferring a program).
  • Fixed Language bug which caused the Motor Calibration dialog to display in Japanese for all languages.
  • Fixed English display errors for IR Photoreflector.
2015/7/31 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug with the latest Windows display driver (06/05/2015) in which removing the USB cable during Test mode would cause the software to freeze rather than showing an error message.
2015/5/20 [Ver.]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug which caused offset values to be set to 0 and faulty operation for DC Motor M1 immediately after installation.
2015/5/18 [Ver. 1.1.3]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Added Motor Calibration support.
[Block Programming Environment] (Mac)
  • Fixed bug which caused an error when using the "Repeat until ○○" block from the Control Palette.
2015/2/27 [Ver. 1.1.2]
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Fixed bug in which an installed application of the same name (Block.exe) would run.
2015/2/6 [Ver. 1.1.1]
  • Fixed a bug in Windows where any issue occurring in WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) resulted in the software being unable to retrieve the COM port before closing unexpectedly. This will now result in a COM port selection dialog when connecting your Studuino. Use the Device Manager to confirm which port it's connected to and make your selection.
2015/1/16 [Ver. 1.1.0]
Standalone install is now available. Download and copy the Standalone version when installing the Programming Environment on a PC without an active Internet connection.
[Startup Screen]
  • Added links to Sample movies.
  • Sample instruction manuals have been updated to reflect changes in the software manuals. You will now be notified of updates to any documents which have been made available on the web.
[Icon Programming Environment]
  • Updated the Sensor Viewer GUI to display sensor values.
[Block Programming Environment]
  • Changed converted Arduino source code to Arduino IDE compatible character encoding (UTF-8).
  • Fixed indentations in converted Arduino source code.
  • Added Load Script function.
  • Fixed a bug in which using a variable for the number of repeats in a Repeat block would cause a discrepancy in movement during Test Mode or when transferring a program.