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  • A revolutionary design that defies convention!
  • Overcome the problems that plague regular blocks!
  • Foster your child's imagination and creative expression!
  • Uses in math and art
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about us

  • Company Background…50 Years with School Materials

    Artec products are used in kindergartens, elementary schools,
    middle schools, and high schools all across Japan!

    Since its foundation in 1960 as a specialized manufacturer of teaching materials for drawing and other fine arts, Artec Company Ltd. has been a constant force in education. Now, with a nationwide network comprising roughly 2,000 agencies, the company delivers products to elementary, middle, and high schools from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.

    The Artec focus is originality ? “From Knowledge to Experience”

    Recent large-scale educational reforms call for new values in the field of education. Artec takes pride in constantly providing high-value materials to the classroom setting as it shifts “from knowledge to experience.”

    Features: Development, Production, and Stocking Systems

    Childhood products, the development of sales promotion tools and
    original materials, and proposals for idea products

    The know-how we have gathered in the development of education materials has grown into corporate sales promotion tools, childhood products, and store fixtures. Artec has an integrated system that covers planning, consulting, and POP planning for promotional products and event novelties to store displays and POPs.

    “Made-to-order design” and “direct trade” ? the foundations of new value

    The designers in our design office can custom-make products that fit your needs.

    Direct Trade
    Our trade staff deals directly with approximately 300 on-site representatives, including joint ventures in China, which allows us to provide estimates without middleman costs.

    We also conduct daily shipping with dedicated containers. That is why we can offer comfortable prices for small lots as well.

    Artec Policies

    Feel free to talk to us about anything you might need. We’ll be glad to help you out.

    ○ We are planning on doing a sales campaign. Do you have any products that might work?
    ○ We are planning on holding a memorial event. Do you sell any commemorative products?
    ○ We want to sell products to normal consumers under our own brand. Do you have any products that would work?

    Do you have any questions like these?

    Let us know if you are interested in taking advantage of the high-value prices, quick turnaround (instant delivery), and small-lot support Artec has to offer.

  • Name Artec Co., Ltd.
    Established April 5, 1960
    Capital 40 million JPY
    Employees 100 full-time, 100 part-time, 200 total
    Site 13,530 m2
    Warehouse Area 18,150m2
    Executive Framework Chairman and CEO : Yasumasa Uno
    President : Etsu Fujiwara
    Director : Masato Fukunaga
    Director : Seiichi Nakashima
    Director : Takashi Fukuyama
    Business Purpose The manufacture and sale of art materials, stationery, premium products, and gifts for kindergartens and schools and related operations
    Description of Business (1)Manufacture and sale of educational materials for kindergardens and schools
    (2)Manufacture and sale of stationery and office supplies
    (3)Design and sale of premium products and gifts
    (4)Manufacture and sale of art materials
    Principal Bankers Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Terada-cho branch 
    Mizuho Bank, Yao branch
    Risona Bank, Hirano branch
  • Headquarters

    3-2-21 Kita-Kamei-cho, Yao, Osaka, 581-0066 JAPAN
    Phone: +81-72-990-5510
    FAX: +81-72-990-5525

    E-MAIL: export@artec-kk.co.jp
    Home Page: http://www.artec-kk.co.jp/en
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtecCoLtdEn

    Tokyo Office

    17F Marunouchi Trust Tower North, 1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 JAPAN
    Phone +81-3-5208-1880
    FAX +81-3-5208-1890

    Yao Distribution Center

    1-2-17 Kyuhoji, Yao, Osaka, 581-0072 JAPAN
    Phone: +81-72-922-1236 FAX
    FAX: +81-72-922-2950

    (Distribution of North America)
    Artec Educational

    Japan ARTEC, Inc
    21151 S. Western Ave. Ste. 201, Torrance, CA 90501

    Phone: +1-855-247-3078
    Fax: +1-855-247-3079
    E-MAIL: info@artec-educational.com
    Home Page: http://www.artec-educational.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/JapanArtec

  • 1960 Ishii Company Ltd. established (President: Tadao Ishii)
    Manufacture and sale of educational materials began
    1983 Yasumasa Uno appointed president
    Sales in Kyushu and eastern Japan began
    1987 Imports from Indonesia and China began
    1989 Name changed from Ishii Company Ltd. to Artec Company Ltd.
    1991 Tokyo Office established
    1994 Distribution Center established in Yao, Osaka
    Gift/sales promotion catalog published
    1995 Tokyo SP Sales Office established
    1997 Headquarters moved to Yao, Osaka
    2001 Automatic distribution system installed
    2004 Art Technologies department launched
    2009 Headquarters office building constructed in Kamei-cho, Yao, Osaka